What you missed and what is coming up


On 14th October 2018:

The Annual General Meeting re – elected:

President:  Beverley Heard.

Secretary-Treasurer:  Nolan Martin.

Committee: Karen Edwards, Marina Dinsdale, Margaret Steer.

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The Committee has left unchanged the Membership Subscription of $20 for the 9 Concerts planned for 2019.  This Subscription, together with the visitors’ donations, meets the basic costs of the Society and will hopefully, enable us to go on fostering young musicians in their development.

Membership Subscriptions may be paid at any monthly meeting, or by using the Subscription form included with the 2019 Programme which was posted out to members in February, or by direct credit to our HBS Bank a/c 031355 0675431 00.

Non-members/Visitors donations in 2019 will continue to be $3 per concert.

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The 11th November 2018 Concert was centered on Armistice Day and all performers brought something special” for that occasion.

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THIS YEAR – 2019:   Our Concerts began on the 10th March in St Matthews Church, King Street, Hastings, at 2pm.   The Convenor for this programme was Karen Edwards and we enjoyed a fine concert of mainly instrumental music.   Featured were Karen Edwards (clarinet) & Wendy Hunt (Piano); Oliver Clayton (Piano); Miru Shimaoka (Violin); Karen and Deborah Edwards (clarinet duet); Colleen Gahagan (Piano); Karen Edwards (Piano – NZ music); Nina and  Andrew Tait (Cello, Guitar and voice – two songs written by Andrew Tait).

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CONCERT:   14th April.    Kath Fletcher  convened a programme of music mainly from Central Hawke’s Bay performers.   This concert will again revealed the range of musical talents within our Hawke’s Bay region.    Feature artists were Kath Fletcher  (Organ), who opened the programme;  Gine Dingle (violin) accompanied by Kath  Fletcher on the Organ; Bevan Jacobs (Piano); Ken Lyons (Tenor); Nicola Harrison (Flute); Mary  Davies and Hillary Morton (Piano Duet); Janette Hudson (Mezzo Soprano);  Jenny Dobson(Treble Recorder), Gine Dingle (Violin), Bob Cross (Bassoon) playing a Handel Trio; and the programme finished with Kath Fletcher (Organ).

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 CONCERT:  Sunday 12th May      Mary McHattie and  Susan Melville presented a programme entitled “Big Groups” featuring the HNIS Orchestra, the Training Orchestra, the Youth Orchestra and these two combined.  Also we were treated to the HBHS Voix de Femmes -a choir trained by Susan Melville.      It was a special for Mother’s Day and wasl enjoyed by many families and an encouragement to the young players and singers.

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THE CONCERT on the 9th June provided a variety of young musicians an opportunity to perform before an appreciative audience.   Jessica Hansen opened the programme with a Piano solo, followed by Oliver Clayton (Piano) and Finn Clark (Piano)   “A Modern Twist” -String Quartet: Laisa Oushana, Jerusha Oushana (Violins) Ariela Vasquez (Viola) Alejandro Vasquez (Cello). They were followed by Alice Bowler-Parkin (Piano), “Bid on Us” Trio- Olivia Finden (F lute), Anaris Vasque  (Cello) Jasmine Norton (Piano), and finally Leo Guo (Piano).   Once again we enjoyed the musicianship of some of our Youth in this community.  her programme was convened by Jill Tobin.

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NEXT CONCERT: 14th JULY at 2pm will be a programme arranged by Dianne Abraham entitled “Opera Classics”     We will hear some of the singers who took part in the National Singing School held in Napier in January this year.   This is sure to be real treat.  See you there.

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Concerts are again ihn St Matthew’s Church, King Street, Hastings  at 2pm, on the second Sunday of each Month from March to November.  Membership remains at $20 for the 9 Concerts.   Visitors/non members $3 per Concert.  We provide a simple afternoon tea following the concert open to all who attend.

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We look forward to a growing interest in the Music Society and our encouragement of local performers, many of them young and progressing in their musical career.   You can be sure of a good variety of performers with each month being quite different in the music being performed – vocal, instrumental, solo and groups.  Come and enjoy them with us.
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